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  • Melissa Ewing

Week 8 of RAGNAR Trail Race Training

Updated: Apr 28

Here we are at Week 8 of training for my first Ragnar race (March 18 - 24)! The weeks are ticking by, and I'm getting closer to the big race weekend! The biggest change I've noticed is that running has become more of a weekly checklist at this point in my training rather than because I simply want to go for a run. Sometimes the two coincide but running multiple times a week - and for a purpose - does make it feel different. Also, I know we shouldn't look to the Internet for knowledge and learning, but I have started to see multiple resources talking of how running or extended amounts of any cardio can produce high levels of Cortisol which can impact women, particularly who are in their "prime". It hasn't altered my plans, except I have been paying attention to when my body seems tired and telling myself it's ok to take more time for rest if it's needed rather than push the body too hard.

A great new discovery - enjoying a post-run beer at my regular spot, Jekyll Brewing, from their rooftop to enjoy the beautiful views over downtown Alpharetta!

Post run beer and water
I discovered the Rooftop of Jekyll Brewing (my regular post run spot) - how did I not do this before?!?

Post run activity usually includes some lounging on the couch with a movie and my favorite cat, Lil Troubs, snuggling with me! Relaxing after a run is great lounge time.

Lil Troubs snuggling on his favorite blanket on my legs
My Cat Lil Troubs


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