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  • Melissa Ewing

Week 6 RAGNAR Training - Back on Track!

Updated: Mar 23

This week I got back on track with training for my first RAGNAR relay race! I ran 3 days, and they were strong runs. I missed my long run on Sunday, but that was because I went to Gibbs Gardens and walked around to enjoy the daffodils and tulips in full bloom after a few days of rainy mornings and work obligations. It's good to take moments to get inspiration, and I always find that at Gibbs Gardens.

I ran approximately 3.3 miles for each of my runs, which I find to be my sweet spot. One thing I noticed this past week was how far I've come since I first started training a few years ago. I used to stop and walk any time I reached a hill, even a small incline. It actually didn't impact my timing a lot, but I realized that I don't stop at those places I used to always stop to walk. Small victories along the way are great! We have to acknowledge them and respect the progress no matter how small.


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