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  • Melissa Ewing

Week 9 of RAGNAR Trail Race Training - Coming in Strong!

Updated: Apr 28

Week 9 of training for my first Ragnar race (March 25 - 31) was one of my strongest weeks to date! The runs felt more normal as if I was settling into a regular routine, and I did my first actual trail run for practice! That was huge, but it also felt like a wakeup call. I was starting to feel overconfident about the relay race after doing so many practice runs, but a 3 mile trail run knocked me into reality! Trail runs are very different from road runs. At times, the trail felt treacherous for me to run. I had to walk several portions where there were hills with roots because of the exertion and because I don't want to get injured. I'm not sure how the trail paths will be at Ragnar, but it they are anything like the perimeter run at Roswell Mill Park then I may be running some slow legs!!

Beer on Jekyll Brewing rooftop post run
Post Run beer back at my new favorite rooftop


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