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  • Melissa Ewing

Weeks 1-5 of RAGNAR Trail Race Training - Life Happened!

Updated: Apr 28

Wow. So I had all intentions of writing weekly updates on my training progress for my first RAGNAR relay race, but the last several weeks turned out to be the most challenging time for me in running and managing my new law firm! In a positive sense, I've been very busy with work which is great. But I've been so busy I have had a hard time keeping up with my personal goals and commitments! As explained below, Week 1 was a total success! Then I fell off the wagon quickly in Weeks 2-4. I made sure to run each week but had to let go of the recommended training schedule as work took priority. But I'm still excited for the upcoming race and it's not too late to get back on track!!

WEEK 1 (January 29 - February 4)

This week of training was a huge success! I felt like a true athlete with all the running I did, and was proud of myself for making time for the runs. As noted above, that was short lived, but at least I had a strong start! By the end of the week, my body definitely felt it and I soaked in several epsom salt baths instead of my usual showers. But it was do-able!

WEEK 2 (February 5 - February 11)

This week of training was when things started to get away from me with work obligations. It was tough to have a regular routine, and there was a lot going on. I only ran 2 days which wasn't bad but was a drastic drop from the week before.

WEEK 3 (February 12 - February 18)

This was another weak week of training, but it was also my birthday week (Feb. 17)! I only did 2 runs this week. One was on the treadmill at LA Fitness - I was doing a trial pass to consider joining. I have a membership at Planet Fitness but LA Fitness offers some equipment and other features that are different, including a pool and sauna. One of my goals is to do strength training at least once a week to compliment my other sports activities, help prevent injuries, and improve strength and bone density for the future. It seems a good time to implement this as a more regular part of my routine.

training for race

WEEK 4 (February 19 - February 25)

This week of training I started to get back on track in all ways! In terms of running, I ran 4 days which felt great. It was the start of me establishing order again although I didn't get fully caught up on things yet.

WEEK 5 (February 26 - March 3)

This week of training was back to a slower run week, but it was a week where I really focused on work and some lingering personal items that needed to be addressed to help me focus forward and feel better. So I cut myself some slack but still got in two runs. On a fun note, I reclaimed my status as "Local Legend" in Strava for clockwise runs around Wills Park!

I'm off to a good start for training in Week 6, and hopefully I'll be back to posting more regular updates on my progress! There is still a little more than a month left before the big weekend which is plenty of time to prepare!


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