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  • Melissa Ewing

Freedom to be a messy artist with splatter paint!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

I stumbled across the Splatter Studio on social media and was immediately intrigued...a studio experience designed to lean into the messiness of the creative process? Sign me up! The studio is marketed more towards small groups with no artistic experience, but I gifted myself a solo artist experience to abandon myself in the messiness of art. Even with a dedicated art room, there are limits to how messy I intentionally allow myself to be when painting.

I had taken off a few months from painting to focus on finishing pieces for a holiday market so I was out of practice and needing a jolt. All during the holidays I looked forward to my end of the year reservation excited for a new experience. It did not disappoint! The most confining part of the experience was managing one bowl for paint colors and the most challenging part was knowing when to stop to avoid all the splattered paint from becoming one big color blob. But hands down, this was a fun event that could be enjoyed by anyone from an artist to someone with no art background. I love how this concept makes art accessible to anyone because truly anyone can make art! There is definitely something fun and meaningful when it comes from you.


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