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  • Melissa Ewing

"Summer Serendipity" at Johns Creek Arts Center

I had a wonderful time at the opening reception for the "Summer Serendipity" art exhibition at Johns Creek Arts Center! It was a night that brought back memories and saw my art and dance worlds converge. In Summer 2019, I took my painting to the next level. I joined the Alpha Arts Guild and participated in my first Alpha Arts Guild exhibition at the Avalon Gallery. Around that same time, I was also selected to participate in the annual "Summer Serendipity" art exhibitions at the Johns Creek Arts Center. It was a turning point for my painting! For that reason, it was so special to participate in the 2022 "Summer Serendipity" exhibition and first in-person opening reception since COVID! There was a great turnout and what made it even more special was having special guests come show support - my inspiring dance teacher and dance friend (and there guests)!

My piece is "Shells on the Beach". The exhibition runs through September 10.

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