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  • Melissa Ewing

My First PopUp Shop!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

What an experience - my own personal popup store for a day! When I was younger I used to dream of one day having a store but life took another route. For my artistic passions, I've been experimenting with ways to market and connect with consumers. For any artist or small business owner interested in a temporary storefront, renting a pop up shop is a great option! For those in the Atlanta metro area, I absolutely love ! The owners designed it as a turn key pop up shop that makes having a temporary store easy. I was so impressed with the detailed instructions and attention to detail and highly recommend their shop for rental.

For my pop up for the first time I displayed not only some of my art pieces (paintings, coasters, painted bracelets) but also displayed items from my curated vintage fashion collection! I have some really cool fashion pieces and am focused on moving them to make room for more painting space! Follow my instagram @melissaewingart for future announcements of more pop ups or booth space.


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