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  • Melissa Ewing

Week 10 of RAGNAR Trail Race Training - Stop and Smell the Flowers!

Updated: Apr 28

Week 10 of training for my first RAGNAR trail race (April 1 - 7) was a busy, productive week of running, work, and all other regular things in my life. I ran 3 separate days which has been the goal for my training. Spring is blooming, and I did some moments to appreciate nature's beauty while I was outside being active. The race is coming up soon, and my team had a logistics meet up. I couldn't make it, but things got real once I learned our team lineup and saw I was designated as Runner # 2!!! I reviewed the trail information and again started to feel daunted about the length and elevations, but our team has remained positive and supportive. Some to-do lists were also circulated and I began to think about what I may need to gather for the big weekend. One big thing I finally did was test my new tent to make sure I could set it up on my own. Success!

Outdoor 2 person tent for camping
I will be sleeping outside in this text during the Event. It's right just, I love it! And super easy to set up.

I changed up my long post-run beer reward one day by trying a beer flight from Jekyll Brewing. I usually get the same beer (Big Creek) and sometimes one other (JackTown) and figured I should try a taste of other types of beer they offer in case I liked something more. Some were interesting and enjoyable, but at the end of the day my tasting confirmed Big Creek is still my beer of choice!

And as mentioned I did stop to smell the flowers and took some photos of Spring's beauty while I was out and about. I love Spring!

And even more flowers...


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