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  • Melissa Ewing

Open House for Motus Studio: movement and passion, traction and impulse, inspiration and emotion

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

November 6, 2020: I had a wonderful time at an open house welcoming Motus Studio as a new dance/yoga/pilates studio for adults in Alpharetta! As explained on the studio's website, the studio space had a prior life and has been the source of deep friendships, passions renewed and found, art and movement that have now taken shape to become motus! The studio provides an outlet for adults to come together with vitality, hope, dedication, and an appreciation for life. Visit for more information, class schedule, and pricing.

I am honored and thankful for the opportunity to have several paintings on display in Motus's beautifully redesigned space. Painting and dance are both creative outlets of mine for self expression and exploration, and to have two of my passions combined in one space is quite special! The teachers at Motus practice true artistry in their movement making it a very artistic and inspiring space. Check out one of their classes if you're in the Alpharetta area!

Here are some photos of my current paintings on display which are also available for purchase.

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