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  • Melissa Ewing

Family Vacation Art Project - Tie Dye!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Never underestimate or devalue the importance of the family vacation. I'm talking about with your siblings and parents (god willing they are still around and able to take trips). We all live busy lives, and it's important to carve away time to reconnect and bond in a way that simply isn't possible through phone calls or even the occasional visit. Full disclosure: I'm not married and have no children, but whether you have your own family or now it's important to establish and/or maintain these larger relationships and nothing beats getting away together for several days. We have gone to St George Island, Florida for the last 12 plus years, and recently we started a tradition of the "family art project." I am always happen to organize to keep it going, and this year the theme was "tie dye". I highly recommend this as a fun, easy group project where everyone can get involved with no pressure! It was a hit and so much fun we ended up doing it 2 different days!

We used Tulip one-step tie dye packs from Michaels that were super easy to use. I got way more than we needed (the bottles got further than you think) but they were on sale and better to have more than run out! I would recommend getting regular vinyl or latex gloves because the ones that come with the packages are weirdly clownish and hard to manipulate. Everyone had a chance for self expression with minimal instructions. And we were surprisingly happy with all the results! Now whenever we wear our t-shirt or other dyed item we can think of our team together at the beach.

Easy instructions - using the tulip one step kits, add water to the bottles and shake them up. We wet our tees first and rung them out so they were damp. The easiest design was to roll the tee from one end to the other and put elastic bands down the length of the roll. Make sure to apply enough dye so it goes through the middle and on both sides. Other common designs are folding like an accordion / fan and applying elastic bands, or changing where you bunch up the fabric for the folds. We waited a full 24 hours to allow the dye to set. Then you need to wash in water until the water is clear (there will still be some remaining dye). Next you're supposed to wash each piece to get out the final remaining dye. If you skip this step and go ahead and wear, make sure you are careful the first time you wash because there may be some bleeding. Until next year!


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